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Luca di Volo Luca di Volo

He was commisioned by the Volksoper Theater of Vienna to write the music for a ballett opera called "Sinflut" ,in collaboration with Uri Cane.  The project englobed the use of the ballet company and the Orchestra of the Volksoper of Vienna. Under the Direction of Alfred Esche and with the coreography of Verena Weiss.Some of the scenes required the presence on stage in the coreography and as soloists Luca di Volo and Claudia Bombardella. This opera event achieved such favorable reviews that the that the same show was repeated numerous times in June, October and November in 2000.

He was recently invited as composer, musician and preformer in :     

  • The Faschings Fest of the Opera of Vienna
  • The Baltischij Dom Theater of St. Petersburg in Russia
  • The Machiavelli of Markus Kupferblum in Austria

He invented a saxaphone prototype with a unique anatomicaly  perfected meccanism, together with Alessandro Mendini for the Innovative Alessi company . The Instrument went into production in a limited edition constructed by hand, by Roberto Zolla and came out on the market in 1993, called the Alexophone.

As a Teacher, Luca di Volo, has taught at the following prestigious schools:

  • The Music Conservatory L. Cherubini in Florence, Italy - Saxophone
  • The University of Bologna - Course ofTheory and of Playing Klezmer Music
  • The " Scuola di Musica di Fiesole", in Florence for which Luca was the Head of the Department of Wind Instruments for over 20 years

He has been featured as a soloist on the saxophone with the most prestigious Italian orchestras, including:

  • Teatro La Fenice in Venice
  • Teatro S. Carlo in Naples
  • Maggio Musicale di Firenze
  • He was the soloist at the world premier of "Opera" by Luciano Berio

He studies composition, sings and plays numerous instruments; Saxophones, Clarenetti, Bowed Instruments (including a 1/2 size violin and a 6-string cello) and flutes.
He graduated from the " Conservatorio di Pesaro" as a Saxophone player obtaining the highest honours and the maximum points.He went on to perfection his playing in France with Professor J.M. Londeix.

His time is now divided between concert activity , research, and experimentation in the field of ethnic music, folk and jazz.

He is dedicated in resolving problems related to an  ergonomic approach of the body, voice and instrument in music and theater.

He Collaborates with Bruno Bartolozzi in research for the new series of books called: "New Sounds in Woodwind Instruments" .

At the 1st International competition in Ancona, Italy, He recieved merit,distinguishing himself from the 600 participants with honour for music composition and the development of new playing technique. As a result he was invited to present the same material in concert form, as the saxophone soloist, at the 26th edition of The "Estate Fiesolana" Festival.

He wrote for The "Orchestra della Toscana" the music score for the show: "Klezmer, cronache di viaggi musicali". After many repeated concerts he recorded the CD called "Klezmer experience".

He recorded a CD called "Shalom" (80,000 copies sold)  for the Italian Magazine called "Avvenimenti".This project involved Luca in a trio giving a new interpretation to traditional Klezmer songs.

He was comissioned, by the " Toscana Music Pool" to write the music score for a project called "Algerian Dream" which was a composition for voice and 12 instruments; a sinthesis between arab and western culture.

He was comissioned by the Association " Un Tempio per la Pace", a music score for chorus and orchestra which touched themes in common with Christian, Islamic, and the Jewish religions.The show went on scene at the "Teatro Verdi" in Florence, in 1999. A Recording of this project was made; the CD is called: "Grung- Strumenti di Pace". The French magazine called "Trad", awarded this CD, the prize called " Bravo" in 2006.

He founded the quartet called "Leggende Italiane" in order to experiment a sinthesis between Italian folk music and music which is "upper class". After many European tours throughout  Italy, Luxemburg, Germany and Austria, he recorded the CD called "Maremma".

He currently forms many colaborations with coreographers, dancers and contemporary artists like: Verena Weiss,Virgilio Sieni, Marco Bagnoli and Ambra Morosi. May - June 2008 he had constructed a Tromba Degli Angeli, of which the design is original, and it was constructed by the famous violin maker: Jamie Marie Lazzara in Florence. © 2008 - Webmaster © Renata Scali