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Di Volo e Tancredi
Di Volo e Tancredi


The "Di Volo & Tancredi" Duo was concieved through a synthesis of two lines of work, which are:

  • an ergonomic research; An approach to use of the musical instruments allowing their use , also,in a non conventual way.Which in itself is a modification for the musical instrument.

  • the search for a musical language which brings together different tools of expression.

This mixture gives, in a single significant gesture a kind of hiper theater in moviment, instruments and voices.

Our work is made up of a series of structured actions which give allusive traces of cultural territories: "Africa"- " Renaissance"- "Dance"-"Concerto"-"Variety"........

All this insinuation of material, languages and various references, seemingly not relating to one another with this multiplication of echos and connections, is metabolized and reconducted to a stylistic common denominator thanks to the very personal interpretation of this duo.

This "meta-cultural" gesture, which bridges voices from far away in a dialogue through space and time becomes the lace and needlework ,which is strong and reminisent, rich in examples and colors tied with high emotional tension.

The " Di Volo & Tancredi" Duo use traditional instruments which have been modified like the "Alexophone", the"Ipercello",and on the side the"Violino ottavino" and the"Tromba degli angeli" ( Tromba Marina), which appear to give a voice to the past, Interpretation and playing in a new way. © 2008 Webmaster © Renata Scali